The people who go shopping online check on customer reviews prior to making purchases. This attests to the ability of customer reviews to influence buyer decisions and aiding buyers in finding the kind of products or services that best meet their needs. Before customer reviews became an online affair, different products, companies even services used to be rated and their performance published on the ‘Consumer Reports Magazine’. These days, customer reviews are everywhere on the Internet as more and more shoppers appreciate e-commerce and shop more through the Internet. Consumers are finding it easier to leave feedback on how they experience different products and services on social sites as well as review websites. This is great because then shoppers seeking to buy similar products or services are able to read those reviews and become more informed so that they can make wiser purchase decisions.

Writing Services Reviews

Students have no idea about the numerous sham writing companies operating on the Internet these days. Most of these companies take advantage of their innocence to ‘steal’ from them while pretending to provide quality services. As a result, students get slammed with plagiarized, poorly written products that they cannot use. This is very frustrating for them because they cannot use those products and they lose their money as well. All this puts their academic goals at risk. We created studentaides.com so that we can tap into the power of customer reviews and inform students so that they can buy writing services from an informed point of view. Through this site, we ask students to speak out about their experiences with writing services so that we can increase the visibility of the good ones and caution consumers about the fake ones.



Rating Services

Our core strategy is reviewing customer reviews and researching individual writing companies. After doing this, we analyze all the details we get then create informative reports that we publish here. In our reports, we show our audience how each writing service appearing there rates in terms of performance against the elements that are most vital for students. Such elements include work quality, pricing of services, meeting deadlines, usability of end products and customer service. In the reports, our visitors are also able to see how each company ranks numerically. This ranking is based entirely on a writing services’ performance. The ranking and rating of writing companies makes it very easy for anyone seeking to hire the services to tell whether the company is reputable or whether it is a sham. In our effort to popularize the best writing services, we feature short videos of the top ranked companies below so that our visitors can see how they operate. We also have placed direct links to their websites below so that anyone who needs more details about them can access those sites with relative ease from this page.